Seoul Leadership, Seoul Power: Riding the Korean Wave

About the Lecture: Many around the world are likely to forget the impact of the Korean War and its aftermath, but the Korean people cannot forget. Rather, they continue forward, leading East Asia and the world toward a peaceful resolution to the Korean War and the division of the Korean peninsula. From the peaceful transformative power of the Candlelight Revolution, Korea has stepped forward to change the course of history and to emerge as a political, economic, and cultural leader of East Asia.

About the Speaker: Dr. Michael Lammbrau or (마이클 람브라우) in Korean, is an Assistant Professor for the Intelligence Studies Department at Mercyhurst University and the current U.S. Representative at Arirang Institute. Dr. Lammbrau currently works with the recently founded U.S. 501(c)3 non-profit organization, Arirang Institute, which focuses on strengthening ties in East Asia through “People to People” Diplomacy. His work in Korea, as the Seoul Bureau Chief of Arirang Institute, has resulted in grabbing the attention of the national Korean media, where they were the subject of two documentaries. He currently writes and appears for Korean news outlets as an expert on culture and Inter-Korean relations. His current academic work focuses on the application of machine learning methods in text analysis, both supervised and unsupervised, to analyze patterns in North Korean news outlets and provide predictive modeling of North Korean provocations. It was recently recognized in 2018 by local, national, and international media outlets.

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