Special Happy Hour with a North Korean

PLEASE JOIN US for a special happy hour with a North Korean Refugee visiting from Seoul! We had to change our schedule a bit to accommodate her schedule, but please join us for this special night. It’s her first time visiting America, so let’s give her a warm welcome. Please note, this event is private and off the record.

To all those that have joined our happy hours in the past, we’re taking the show on the road! Bonchon Arlington has been a great home for us these past few years, and they will always be our “home base”, but so many people have wanted to join and couldn’t because it was too far from them. So stay tuned for a happy hour near you!

The theme of our happy hour will most often be centered on Korean Fried Chicken and Networking, but we may occasionally find ourselves in another sort of Korean or other bar. There is not set agenda other than to have a good time. You can come late, leave early, or stay the whole time, it’s all up to you! As much as possible we will have separate checks although you are always free to go in on a dish together with someone or purchase something to share with the group.

If you have a suggestion for a location or are interested in co-hosting an event with me, please let me (Jason) know.

This will serve as a placeholder. I plan to update locations at least a couple of weeks in advance, so check back regularly to find out where we’ll be next! The plan is to rotate between Maryland, Northern Virginia, and DC, so you can expect to see a happy hour near you soon!


Feel free to message Jason West with any questions or post them in the comments section below. Have a suggestion for our next happy hour location? Let us know!

This event is cosponsored by the Korean Waves meetup (http://on.nkn.us/1tZyzsu), a social and cultural meetup dedicated to Korean language, food, music, dramas, and much more.