Rotating Happy Hour in DC!

This month we’re changing things up a bit and trying a place in NoMa (North of Massachusetts) called Seoul Spice. There is still chicken on the menu, but no wings this time, sorry!! It’s right on the Red Line (NoMA/Gallaudet), so no excuses about being too far from a metro! And rest assured, even though this isn’t your typical bar, they do have beer and soju!

Seoul Spice has Korean tacos, rice bowls (bibimbap), “korritos” (kimbap), and salads. They even have vegetarian options! You can find the menu and more information at

If you have a suggestion for a location or are interested in co-hosting an event with me, please let me (Jason) know.


Feel free to message Jason West with any questions or post them in the comments section below. Have a suggestion for our next happy hour location? Let us know!

This event is cosponsored by the Korean Waves meetup, a social and cultural meetup dedicated to Korean language, food, music, dramas, and much more.