Networking Happy Hour

Join us every three weeks for food, fun, and networking! This event has been going strong for over four years with well over 500 total attendees. We sometimes donate to charities, watch sports, discuss culture or current events, or just have a great time. Whatever your interest may be, you will enjoy this meetup time and time again!

Our happy hour will most often be centered on Korean Fried Chicken and Networking, but we may occasionally find ourselves in another sort of Korean or other bar. There is no set agenda other than to have a good time. You can come late, leave early, or stay the whole time, it’s all up to you! As much as possible we will have separate checks although you are always free to go in on a dish together with someone or purchase something to share with the group.

I’ll be arriving by 6:30 PM, but feel free to arrive as early or late as you please and stay as long as you like. Free parking is available behind the restaurant in the building garage. It is also a short bus ride from the Rosslyn Metro (4A) or the Courthouse Metro (4B). Both buses are towards Seven Corners. Better yet, for those coming from DC, take the 16Y from McPherson, Farragut, or Foggy Bottom. It’s nearly non-stop to Bonchon!

If you have a suggestion for a location or are interested in co-hosting an event with me, please let me (Jason) know.


Feel free to message Jason West with any questions or post them in the comments section below. Have a suggestion for our next happy hour location? Let us know!

This event is cosponsored by the Korean Waves meetup (, a social and cultural meetup dedicated to Korean language, food, music, dramas, and much more.