Korea Club with Gwang-il Jung: Documenting the NK Gulag: The Yoduk List

Guest Speaker:

Jung Gwang-il
Political Prison Camp Survivor
Founder and Director, No Chain for North Korea

You are invited to the Korea Club event on Wednesday, May 1, 2019. The event will feature Mr. Jung Gwang-il, Founder and Director of “No Chain” and survivor of Political Prison Camp No. 15 in North Korea. He will share his memories of detention and his current work to keep the North Korean human rights situation in focus. Mr. Jung will share complimentary copies of his organization’s report “Yoduk List” with the participants. The report comprises a list of 180 victims of enforced disappearances whom he met while being detained at Camp No. 15.

Jung Gwang-il was a prisoner at No.15 Yodok Political Penal-labor Colony for three years, from 1999 to 2002. He is currently one of the best-known former North Koreans involved in outreach activities aiming to expose North Korea’s human rights violations and to inform the international public opinion on the human rights situation in that country. Mr. Jung’s UN testimony was critical in passing a resolution on North Korean human rights by the UN General Assembly in the fall of 2014. He has provided testimony to UN representatives in New York City and Geneva and human rights organizations around the world. He has also been compiling lists of prisoner names in North Korea, a rare asset in the hands of the North Korean human rights investigator. Such information will prove critical to the accountability and transitional justice process in North Korea.


The dinner will start at 7:00 pm, followed by the speaker’s presentation and Q & A session. The program will conclude at 9:00 pm. The cost of the dinner is $25.00, payable at the door by check, cash or credit card.

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The evening program will be held at Woo Lae Oak Korean restaurant in Tysons Corner—see address above. The program will start at 6:30 pm with a cash bar, set up inside the Korea Club conference room on the 1st floor of the restaurant. For more information on Woo Lae Oak, please take a few minutes to visit the restaurant’s website: http://www.woolaeoak.com.


Woo Lae Oak is conveniently located in the heart of Tysons Corner. If you need assistance locating the restaurant, please call the restaurant (703-827-7300). Ample free parking is available in the restaurant’s multi-story parking garage.


Silver Line stop at Greensboro Metro Station. The restaurant is located just south of Greensboro Metro Station. Upon arriving at Greensboro Metro Station, please exit using the West Entrance Exit. For step-by-step directions, please use http://wmata.com.


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