How North Koreans Are Spreading the Truth to their Homeland

Invitation to the Defense Forum Foundation’s Congressional Defense and Foreign Policy Forum

“The Truth Will Set Them Free: How North Koreans Are Spreading the Truth to their Homeland”


Kim Seong Min

Founder and Director, Free North Korea Radio

Kim Seong Min has been a major leader in the North Korea human rights movement since he escaped by jumping from a train bound for Pyongyang where he was to be publicly executed. A North Korean Army propaganda officer, Kim learned the reality of life in South Korea and decided to devote his life to getting the truth to his homeland. After reaching South Korea, he founded and has led several major defector organizations including Free North Korea Radio (FNKR) in 2004. Since FNKR began its daily broadcast in 2006, it has consistently ranked the most popular single program broadcast to North Korea. Its website has consistently ranked number one in South Korea for information about the DPRK. Kim is the recipient of the Reporters Without Borders’ Media Award and the Taiwan Foundation for Democracy’s Asia Democracy and Human Rights Award. Kim also regularly ranks first on Kim Jong Un’s target list for assassination. WHEN:

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