China’s Strategy on the Korean Peninsula under Xi Jinping Featuring:

Hosted by the Korea Economic Institute.

“Amid intensifying rivalry and competition with the U.S., what is China’s North Korea strategy? When Xi Jinping came to power, observers expected that Xi wouldn’t tolerate the wanton behavior of its smaller socialist neighbor, North Korea. Many believed that Xi would get tough on Pyongyang. Instead, China’s relations with Kim Jong-un have been deepening in 2018, with three surprise summits in the mere span of just a few months.

Please join KEI for a presentation by Dr. Lee Seong-hyon on how Beijing’s closer ties with Pyongyang and increasingly difficult relations with Washington influence the current nuclear negotiations between the U.S. and North Korea.”

Lee Seong-hyon, Ph.D.
Director of the Center for Chinese Studies and Department of Unification Strategy
The Sejong Institute, South Korea

Moderated by:
Phil Eskeland
Executive Director of Operations and Policy
Korea Economic Institute of America

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