Shaquille James

Author: Shaquille James

Would Kim Jong Un really use Nuclear Weapons? Let’s (re)consider the possibilities

As the situation with North Korea reaches a boiling point and the Korean peninsula appears to inch ever closer to war, one must beg the question of what role nuclear weapons may play should conflict erupt. Among experts, it appears to be somewhat of a theoretical given that Kim Jong Un will attempt to use nuclear weapons in the event… Read more →

Pyongyang’s “Sea of Fire” – Setting the record straight on North Korea’s artillery forces

North Korea’s ability to turn Seoul into a “Sea of Fire” has been a long-lauded talking point since Pyongyang first made the threat in the 1990s. While it is true that North Korea does have artillery that can hit the South Korean capital, the ability of that weaponry “level” Seoul or turn it into a Sea of Fire is, at… Read more →

There are many roads for North Korea policy – Most of them lead to war

By striving to avoid war, we risk stumbling right into one. As tensions on the Korean peninsula continue to rise and the risks of a second Korean War grow ever greater, the debate on how to properly address the North Korean situation continues to rage. Despite the various ideas and concepts on how to rectify the situation, it seems that… Read more →

Negotiations, Engagement, and the Dangers of Allowing North Korea’s Nuclear Blackmail Experiment to Succeed

North Korean affairs have reached a fever pitch in the past several months. After several tests of medium range and intercontinental missile technology as well what appears to be a hydrogen bomb test, North Korea seems closer than ever to developing a missile system that can put major US cities within range of a nuclear strike, thus creating a reliable… Read more →

Cambodia – A Historical Precedent for North Korea?

North Korea is truly an enigma of the modern world. From its closed political and social system to the brutal and decades-old oppression of its people, one struggles to find a country of similar function and standing today. Indeed, North Korea has little to no parallel in the contemporary world – but that’s weren’t always this way. A quick survey… Read more →

Regime Change in North Korea: Fundamental Understandings and Endgame

April, 2016: Once more, North Korea finds itself in the international news cycle with threats of thermonuclear obliteration. Once more, experts, scholars, and enthusiasts alike muse about the anomaly that is the North Korean state and the circumstances that surround it. Inevitably, the discussion turns to the question of the endgame: how the North Korea situation could – or should… Read more →

COI Anniversary Conference: New Details, Same Problem

No doubt, the conference celebrating the one year anniversary of the UN COI Report was a valuable “state of affairs” gathering in terms of understanding the turbulent events of the past year. I do believe that I can say with confidence that any individuals who watched or attended the anniversary conference, hosted by CSIS, can scarcely argue that there was… Read more →