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Violations of North Korean Women’s Human Rights Focus at the UN Commission on the Status of Women

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE March 14, 2017 New York, NY – The North Korean Freedom Coalition (NKFC) announced today that the grave human rights violations suffered by North Korean women will be addressed at a parallel event for the first time in the history of the UN Commission on the Status of Women (UN CSW). NKFC Vice Chair Rabbi Abraham Cooper,… Read more →

HRNK / NHRCK Expert Meeting: US and ROK Policy toward NKHR

AUDIO RECORDING   https://fccdl.in/Gr9uHfMQC 0:00 Greg Scarlatoiu 0:03 Sung-ho Lee 0:09 Hon. Michael Kirby 0:16 Hon. Scott Busby 0:30 Panel 1 1:39 Panel 2 2:49 Hon. Robert King 3:27 Closing *Please note that the opening remarks and first panel are a little hard to hear. The second panel, keynote address, and closing are higher quality. Also, the recording is only… Read more →

Save North Korean Refugees Day 2015

Background: Ever since Kim Jong Eun came to power, his regime has worked aggressively to prevent North Koreans from escaping. The China-North Korea border is more dangerous today than ever before, which has made the cost of rescues grow astronomically along with a sharp decline in the number of refugees escaping. Complicit in the Kim regime’s reign of terror and… Read more →

Welcome to the North Korea Network

This email was sent to the Meetup Group (Meetup.com/NorthKorea). Please join the group to receive similar emails and event announcements in the future. All links below are to Meetup.com and will require you to sign-up for a free account and join our group. Good evening everyone and welcome to the group! I just wanted to take a second and send… Read more →

Modern Times in North Korea: Scenes from its Founding Years, 1945-1950

Modern Times in North Korea: Scenes from its Founding Years, 1945-1950 Monday, Dec 15, 2014, 4:00 PM 6th Floor, Woodrow Wilson Center1300 Pennsylvania Ave. NW Washington, DC 5 Members Went Washington History SeminarHistorical Perspectives on International and National AffairsModern Times in North Korea: Scenes from its Founding Years,[masked]Suzy KimRUTGERS UNIVERSITYClick here for more information and event registration.North Korea is often… Read more →

UN General Assembly Adopts Resolution on NK Human Rights, Refers Matter to Security Council

Yesterday with a vote of 116 yes, 20 no, and 53 abstentions, the UN General Assembly voted to adopt the resolution on human rights in North Korea passed last month by the Third Committee. The resolution adopts the report of the Commission of Inquiry (COI) released last February. The resolution also refers the matter to the Security Council, recommending sanctions… Read more →

UN Committee Acts on NK Human Rights

  Today the UN Third Committee adopted a resolution recognizing widespread human rights violations and referring the matter to the Security Council. The resolution will likely go before the General Assembly next month. Still, many countries voted against the resolution and tried to amend it earlier in the day. The amendment would have stripped the resolution of language referring the… Read more →