North Korea is the most isolated country on the planet. There are no modern nations in this world that can compare to the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea. In order to learn about and take action regarding this modern day enigma, we must band together.

The North Korea Network is a connection, a strategic forum of individuals interested in North Korea. Whatever your interest may be, this is the place to meet other like-minded individuals. We may not all hold the same views, and in fact it is in our different ideas that we will find the most interesting discussions.

We are dedicated to open dialogue about North Korea, including human rights, freedom, security, trade, and other issues. Interested members may be employees of policy or research institutes, government employees, students, or individuals interested in North Korea.

In addition to hosting our own events, we will also be posting other events about North Korea. Most events will be in the DC, Maryland, or Virginia area, but occasionally some special events in New York, Los Angeles, London, Seoul, or other cities may be posted. If you know of an event, please let an organizer know or suggest the event through Meetup.

RSVP RULES: Since many events posted here are not hosted by the North Korea Network, please pay attention to each individual organization’s RSVP requirements and other rules and regulations. RSVPing to outside events posted here, although strongly encouraged for networking purposes, will often not be enough to guarantee admittance.

MEMBERS OF THE PRESS: Unless otherwise noted, events hosted by the North Korea Network are informal and off the record and photography is not allowed without explicit consent. Please bear in mind that we may have guests in attendance that have direct connections to North Korea or may work in some official capacity. This may preclude them from speaking on the record and it may be dangerous to be quoted or have their photo published.

PROFESSIONAL CONDUCT AND BEHAVIOR: All members are expected to be professional, cordial, and courteous. We do not expect that we will all agree on every topic or issue, but regardless of any disputes we must conduct ourselves appropriately.