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Good evening everyone and welcome to the group!

I just wanted to take a second and send everyone a quick hello. Now that we have 50 members, we are really starting to grow! I hope to see all of you at upcoming events.

I will occasionally send these emails, especially when there are so many events it’s hard to keep them all straight! This is one of those weeks, so please consult the list of upcoming events at the end of this email carefully. I also have a few “housekeeping” announcements.

First, we have made the group a closed group. This means that your personal profiles, names, photos, comments, etc. are only visible to group members. I generally prefer open groups, but we opted to make it a closed group to protect your privacy. This does mean we will get fewer people that decide to join, a downside of closed groups, so I encourage you toinvite your friends and colleagues to join the group.

Next, If you have an idea for an event, would like to host an event, or know of an event that should be included, please let me or another organizer know. We will continue to host happy hour every other Wednesday and occasionally have dinners, but hope to host or co-host more events in the future.

Last, please be sure to follow any instructions for RSVPing to events. RSVPs are the biggest complaint I get from organizations hosting events. It really helps if they know how many people to expect. Almost every event we post will have some additional step required. I hope to remove that extra step in the future, but for now it is a requirement. If you don’t follow the instructions, you may be turned away from an event. This is not my decision, it is at the discretion of the event coordinators!

Thanks and see you at an event soon!

Jason West
The North Korea Network


Tonight (1/31)
7pm – Second North Korea Discussion Dinner

Tuesday (2/3)
6:30pm – Korea Club presents Jang Jin-sung, author of “Dear Leader”

Wednesday (2/4)
10am – KEI – ­The Role of Markets in North Korean Society (with Jang Jin-sung)
12:30pm – ­SAIS – Getting Beyond Politics: Creating Lasting Impact in North Korea
1:15pm – ­CSIS – A Conversation About Korea and the United States
3pm – IWP – Separate and Divisible: North Korea’s Supreme Leader and the North Korean People (with Jang Jin-sung)
5pm – Georgetown – Defector Panel: Stories From North Korea’s Elite

Thursday (2/5)
7pm – Georgetown – After The Interview: A North Korea Foreign Policy Coffee Hour

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